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ISHR Kenya: Re-location of the children's school. Nepal: Bhutanese refugee camp burned down.


Dear Friends,

Last April 1 many of you came to my "birthday and retirement bash" and contributed nearly $ 6,000 which I disbursed to a number of worthy projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and for refugee projects on the Thai Burma border. I sent most of you a report after my return to Australia in October, plus a copy of our ISHRA Report.

I would like to appeal to your generosity again, if I may. The reason, ISHRA has received two heartfelt appeals, which have been outside our normal activities, and for which we have no available resources to even offer a small amount.

John Launder, Secretary
ISHR Australia
International Society for Human Rights-Australia
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Some children at Bishop Kimani's school

ISHR Kenya: Re-location of the children's school

Following the elections in Kenya there was an outbreak of tribal violence, which has threatened to get out of control and we have had reports of savage killings based on ethnicity.

Here are excerpts from emails from Bishop Joseph Kimani of the Evangelical Church at Nakauru.
He is President of the ISHR-Kenya Section.

Bishop J. Kimani, Jan - March 2008:

6 January 2008
"Right now as I am writing this report....thousands of homes, food granaries, and some Churches has been set ablaze, over 120,000 families displaced now living in Churches guarded by Police, and others in Police Stations Compounds. Hospitals are full of injured people admitted, and the Eldoret Mortuary full of dead bodies of women, children, and men ...  In fact this is a massacre around the Country... 
"Many Kenyans are left desperate, and in dire need. Please brothers and Sisters, pray for us and Kenya.
" We are just few Kilometers from where some of these skirmishes are taking place. We appeal for support from those who can ... so that we can transfer some of the affected to safer places, and provide for their immediate needs...
Let all believers pray for Kenya so that these killings, displacements, Women rapes, can come to an end. Approximately 50 people were burnt alive in a Church in Eldoret, which was locked from outside and set on fire."

28 January 2008
"Today the fighting continued in different directions. Nakuru Town was so bad...., and near our home 3 km North, and in Naivasha Town people  butchered each other... it is  terrible now. I have so many with me who are displaced including my relatives whose properties have been destroyed.
"Please continue praying for us....that God intervenes and saves the situation which has been getting worse every day. A catholic priest who was going to serve people in Eldama Ravine was butchered and his car set ablaze!"

31 January 2008."Please do represent us as you contact other donor organizations that can give us the urgent support we require, at this critical moment. Things are getting worse everyday here in Nakuru and in the whole of the great Rift Valley, ... where people are being massacred, displaced, and their properties set ablaze.  We are now at the mercies of God; and pray that God's people intervenes and gives us support to enable us move from this area."

9 March 2008
"Christian greetings. We wish to inform you that due to the escalating Political Violence in Kenya....We are forced to re-locate our needy children's school.
We are to move eastern part of Nakuru District, towards Nairobi, and near Naivasha Town... in a safe place where we have found 5 acres piece of land at a cost of US dollars 21,700.
It is a very safe area and with good food production for the schools children. We therefore, wish to appeal to all our brothers and sisters in Christ and all those who can give financial support to our school... to buy this plot."

Nepal: Refugee Camp Fire March 2008 

Kiran inspecting the ruins after the fire

If it is not sad enough to be a refugee for many years, it is very sad to have a fire sweep through and destroy your meager possessions in a refugee camp.

The following is an email to ISHRA Committee member David Aitken from his refugee friend Kiran in Timai camp in Nepal. Nepal has some 104,000 refugees from neighboring Bhutan, who have fled persecution there into Nepal. Yet another example of 'ethnic cleansing' - a situation that happens too often in our world.

"David, you may like to know the news of the Bhutanese Refugees out here. Recently, on 1st March at around 6.45 pm, the local F.M broadcasted about another camp on fire...that engulfed around 1200 huts leaving 8000 refugees struggle for lives.

Yesterday, I visited my maternal grandmother and the relatives and my guitar pupils. I could not tolerate the terrible burnt sight of the huts and the pathetic conditions of the refugees including my cousin, relatives and grandmother. Immediately, I telephoned a local student of mine to come along with his movie camera and a digital camera. He took the pictures as well as videos. I have attached the pictures for you with a request to publish on sites.

David, the refugees are really in a great trouble and sufferings. They have nothing other than their lives. Yesterday, the Red Cross Society distributed a blanket each for a family and a Plate and a glass. This time the local who really disrespected the refugees are really kind to them. They are contributing what ever they can...second hand clothes, edibles, biscuits... The local organizations, individuals, businessman are involved in contributing something to the refugees. Even the school children are making contribution...

The only thing I can do for my fellow refugees is to let the well-wishers know the situation and generate some contribution. David, if you come and see the situation, you will never stop crying. I am a refugee myself but I could not stop crying when I saw everything."

Even a small donation can raise the spirits of these people because we would be showing we cared.
All monies donated will go to these causes.

Yours sincerely

John Launder
ISHR Australia

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