Financial Order of ISHR

Approved by the International Council at the Meeting on April 14 and 15, 2002


To establish joint financing of the work of ISHR by its legally constituted National Sections. Specifically expenses have to be shared for the following:
(1) Maintaining the International Secretariat, its functions as defined in the Statute and its staff.
(2) Performing the functions of the International Council, of the Secretary General, President and the meetings of the International Council.
(3) Support of new or developing National Sections by established ones according to the Statute.
(4) Joint international actions as decided by the International Council.
(5) Research and documentation of cases and systematic human rights violations.
(6) Public activities of a Regional Committee which have been documented to and approved by the Board of the Society.


The annual financial contribution of National Sections to the above listed activities ISHR is based on size of membership fees and funds raised (total income). Reductions from the yearly contribution are to be agreed individually with the Board of the Society on the basis of an application containing an actual finance report.
[A] Contribution related to membership
Starting from the second year of existence the National Section contributes 10% of the yearly collected appropriate membership fees.
[B] Contribution derived from donations
Starting with the second year of existence of a National Section the following percentages are to be contributed to ISHR:
above 10.000 Euro: 3%
Payments: Payments by the National Sections towards ISHR will be submitted without formal invoicing at the end of June and December each year as a down payment, the full amount to be completed by the end of March the following year. The total amount is based on membership and financial budget of the National Section in the previous year.