Human Rights situation in the People's Republic of China

Organ harvesting is essentially ‘killing on demand’, which is the selling and transplanting of the organs of victims. The origin of tens of thousands “donor” organs in the People’s Republic of China remains completely unclear. More than likely, this is due to thousands of people in China becoming victims of organ harvesting.

Despite economic splendour and the Olympic shine, the People's Republic of China (PRC) is undoubtedly a one party dictatorship. Censorship and immense human rights violations, such as the use of systematic torture, take place on a daily basis.

Almost every prisoner in the 's Republic of China had to or still has to suffer being beaten and kicked. This by far most common form of abuse is especially easy to spot once the prisoner has been released from prison as the victims exhibit widespread bruises and injuries on their bodies. Numerous victims of torture have reported that the beatings and other torture methods stopped a few weeks before they were due to be released from the camps or penitentiaries in order not to leave behind any external signs of the abuse.

The People’s Republic of China runs the biggest camp system in the world. About four million people are exploited as slave labour – seven days a week, up to 16 hours a day.

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