Human Rights

Public Health in Cuba

When talking about the Castro brothers’ regime in Cuba, it is common to hear not only about the results attained in education or sports, but also on the so-called "achievements" of the country in public health. What is the truth on this matter?

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Cuba: Death in Prison

After a 38 day-hunger strike in a prison in Santa Clara, Cuba, a prisoner has died, spurring human rights groups to call for change in the prison regime system of the country. The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) reported that the victim Roberto Antonio Rivalta began the hunger strike in protest against his arbitrary arrest without a trial. He was accused by the authorities of theft, but Rivalta denied all the accusations and assured his innocence until his death. He was only 46 years old. His sister stated that her brother was persistent in requesting a trial where he expected to be absolved of the accusations because there was no evidence against him. She believed her brother was only held in prison because the authorities did not want to admit that they had accused the wrong person.

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Cuba: Three Kings Day: Castro Arrests 80 People for Fear of Protests

On the occasion of the Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes Magos) the Cuban authorities arrested civil rights activists and their children. The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) reports all in all about 80 people where arrested. ISHR explains that in Cuba, Three Kings Day has a similar significance as Christmas, because Cubans exchange gifts on this day. The Cuban government mainly took strong action against civil rights activists in the East Cuban province, Santiago de Cuba, in order to inhibit festivities for fear of protest manifestations, says ISHR.
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Vladimir Novitski, President of the ISHR-Section Russia: "People have rights and the right to defend them"

On 21 November 2012, after Foreign Agent Laws were coming into effect, all politically engaged non-profit organisations - NGOs - with sponsors from abroad, must now include the term "Foreign Agent" in their official documents. This law has added fundamental changes to the NGO-law and provides: "Material published by non-profit organisations, functioning as "Foreign Agents", and/or material, distributed by them via media or internet, must be labelled as follows: "Material distributed by non profit organisations, hold the function of a Foreign Agent". Failure to comply with these demands will have severe consequences. Vladimir Novitski, President of the ISHR-Russian Section and Lawyer, explains if this law is consistent with generally recognised rules and what impact it will have on NGOs.
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Cuba: Ofelia Acevedo to her husband's death - "I was afraid that something like this happens"

The Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, winner of the Sakharov Prize of the European Parliament, died on July 22, 2012 at the age of 60 years under mysterious circumstances in a car accident. While Cuban authorities state, the driver of the car had lost control of the vehicle, Ofelia Acevedo, the wife of the deceased, fears that her husband's death was planned by the Cuban regime. Face to face with ISHR representatives Oswaldo Paya expressed recently that he felt threatened and couldn't exclude an attempt on his life.
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Conference: Annual Meeting of the ISHR Section Russia / 40 years ISHR: Protection of Human Rights - the Vital Aim of Democracy

25 years ago the ISHR founded in St. Petersburg its first Working Group in Russia, shortly after in Moscow and other towns and reagions of the country. The ISHR Section Russia was born. On this occasion a conference of the section entitled "40's Anniversary of the International Society for Human Rights: Protection of Human Rights - the Vital Aim of Democracy" will take place in Moscow, Russia.
Day / time: July 14, 2012,   10:00 - 16:00 h
Location: Moscow, ul. Lublinskaya 151

Eugenia Timoshenko's speech at the ISHR Annual Meeting in Cottbus on April 14, 2012

"...There is still a lot to be fought for and achieved in Ukraine for it to become a real candidate for the title of the European nation. But the road should not be too long, we were almost one step away from EU, just few years ago when my mother's government made first steps towards free and comprehensive trade agreement with Europe. Please also do not underestimate the yearning for freedom in Ukrainian people. ... So my mother's most profound hope that the Lukyanivska and Kachanivska prisons, will one day become memorials to mark Ukraine's final rupture with the Soviet past. ..."
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Human Rights in occupied North Mali, April 2012 - Report of the ISHR Mali National Group

Northern Mali is a desert of approximately 600 000 km2 and terrorists take advantage of the Malian army's limited resources, of the topography (sand desert, rocky mountains), of the hostile climate and of the low population density. The coup d'Etat (March 22, 2012) destabilized the army since senior officers were pushed aside by the putschists. The  MNLA and terrorists took advantage of this confusion and took control of Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu. At present, there is no State representative in these three regions, which are totally under the controls of  the rebels and terrorists.
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ISHR Founder, Mr. Ivan Agruzov, Died

The founder of our organisation, Mr. Ivan I. Agruzov, has passed away. The International Society for Human Rights has lost the person that once had created our civil initiative to stand up against the violation of human rights. With great thankfulness, love and respect we have to take our leave of Mr Ivan Agruzov and will try to continue our work for the promotion of Human Rights in the spirit he created.
You could write your expression of sympathy to:
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Nguyen Van Dai: 2011 - The International Human Rights Day I refer to the wives, children and parents of the prisoners of conscience in Vietnam. An Appeal to the World.

Nguyen Van Dai, the Vietnamese lawyer, human rights defender and political prisoner: "Each year during the International Human Rights Day, people usually mention and honor those who fight for human rights, the prisoners of conscience detained in prisons. In the article, and also this letter, I refer to the wives, children, parents of the prisoners of conscience in Vietnam. I'm calling them prisoners of conscience because what they say or write comes from their conscience and sense of responsibility toward their fellow citizens and their country." ...
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Statement by the Europe-Cuba NGO Network on the Government Violence Against Women's Organizations in Cuba

Following recent news from Cuba about the use of intimidation, violence and temporary detentions by Cuban government against the "Damas de Blanco" nine NGO demonstrate in a statement respect, support and admiration for their non-violent protests and ask for even greater support and recognition for this civil group in particular.
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Lebanon: Maids are a status symbol

by Björn Zimprich, Beirut, May 2011

In more than a hundred thousand Lebanese households, Asian and African maids slave away for a mere $100 up to $200 per month. Their legal position is precarious. Mistreatment is nothing out of the ordinary.  The Caritas is taking care of the most serious cases. A visit to a protection centre in Beirut.
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Germany: Former GDR-prison Cottbus now in "Prisoner's" Hands

As a late victory over the East German dictatorship the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) celebrates the peaceful takeover of the prison Cottbus by the 'Human Rights Center Cottbus e.V.' Between 1972 until the reunification of Germany (1989) the ISHR supported around 200 prisoners which were detained in that prison: regime critics, civil rights activists, and those who only wanted to leave the GDR. Dieter Dombrowski, who is now a member of the Brandenburg parliament, and Siegmar Faust, a well-known writer and author, were detained there. An especially cruel punishment was the arrest in dark and cold cells, the so-called "tiger cages".
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Houshang Asadi: Iran Is a Mine Field For a Writer

Today the modern part of Iran's society is in a harsh battle with religious despotism. And unfortunately, we are dreadfully alone in this battle. The free world has till now not understood the importance of the battle for freedom in Iran. It is still not understood that Shiite Taliban is far more dangerous to the world than Fascism and Stalinism. As an Iranian writer, I cannot conceal the depth of my sorrow that companies such as Siemens-Nokia are providing tools to the Islamic Republic to oppress freedom in Iran. ...
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Costa Rica ISHR-Working Group: Activity Report 2010

During the year 2010, the members of the working group in Costa Rica, focused their efforts mainly on the two following activities: 
• Giving counsel and helping  women victims of gender violence
• Giving  counsel and helping foreigners who have requested asylum in Costa Rica ...
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ISHR-Colombia: Activity Report 2010

We must take into account that Colombia is a very large country and a big part of it is a huge forest. Fighting is going on permanently between the guerrillas and the country’s police forces and in these wars there is also a strong presence of militia groups which are in many cases protected by some members of the Colombian military. There are two different war situations in Colombia ...
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ISHR-Cameroon: Activity Report 2010

It is worth mentioning that most of the activities of ISHR in 2010 were successful. We will intensify the fight against bribery and corruption. Our activity created awareness in the population. They know that there are some rights they enjoy such as the right to vote, freedom of movement, expression, association etc ...
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ISHR-Australia: Activity Report 2010

ISHR-Australia has continued to strengthen its links with a number of like-minded organizations who provide emergency and development aid in troubled areas of the World. Our ability to provide tax-deductibility to them has helped them to increase the effective value of their donated funds.
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CRDHC-Annual Report on Human Rights in Cuba 2010

The abbriviated report of the Consejo de Relatores de Derechos Humanos de Cuba (CRDHC) - The Cuban Council of Human Rights Reporters (CCHRC) contains following parts: prison conditions, political repression against the peaceful opposition, economic repression, freedom of worship and religion and recommendations to the Cuban government.
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A sign of hope from Havana: Oppositionists divine signs for the Castro regime's political destabilization

The last months were full of movement in an else wise lethargic Cuban political everyday life between state propaganda and an economy of scarcity. The hunger striking Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s death in February, the following hunger strike of the oppositional journalist Guillermo Farinas, the release of until now 28 political prisoners and the reappearance of Fidel Castro did create a new political situation. In this process two of the most moulded dissidents divine explicit signs for a weakening of the dictatorship. Both hope for the beginning of the Castro regime's end.
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ISHR Georgia Report 2010: Prison Conditions in the Republic of Georgia

The living conditions in prisons and prison camps of Georgia - also known under their euphemistic name as "correctional facilities" - are not conducive of improved outcomes for inmates. Quite the contrary: The system amounts to an offence against international standards for correctional facilities. Requests for help in order to stop torture in the prisons are common. The  availability of medical care in prisons and camps is totally inadequate leading to a very high mortality in Georgian prisons. The human rights of the inmates are simply being ignored.
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ISHR Guatemala Working Group Report 2009/2010

Guatemala is a poor country with the majority of the population unskiied and lacking in education. Crime is increasing and the authorities are unable to control the situation. Members of our organization have visited the most dangerous and violent prisons of the country. But the main activity of our organization is to support the education of the Maya community in Guatemala and to help to solve the problem of discrimination against this minority.
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ISHR Cameroon Section and FHRD Activity Report 2008/2009

In January 2008 the ISHR Cameroon Section and The Foundation for Human Rights and Development (FHRD) spelled out the state of the relationship that will bind them henceforth. Since then they work together to ensure that a culture of genuine human rights, access to justice and a fight against corruption is jointly conducted in Cameroon. Here ist their Activity Report 2008/2009.
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ISHR Australia - Activity Report 2009
Newsletter of the International Society for Human
Rights-Australia Inc.
PO Box 168 Thomastown Victoria 3074
Editor : John Launder
Vol: 5-No: 2 October 2009
ABN 79 428 071 539 Inc:A0031346L.
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VR China: IOC von chinesischer Propaganda vereinnahmt

Als Affront erster Güte gegen alle Tibeter bezeichnete der Geschäftsführende Vorsitzende der IGFM, Karl Hafen, die Übergabe des Olympischen Feuers durch den chinesischen Staats- und Parteichef Hu Jintao an den ersten Fackelläufer. Damit habe sich das IOC ganz offiziell in die Propaganda Chinas einbinden lassen. Dass Hu Jintao diesen Akt übernahm, wertet die IGFM als klare Botschaft an das IOC und an Tibet, dass er die Spiele in Peking nun eindeutig zur nationalen chinesischen Angelegenheit erklärt und der Stadt Peking aus der Hand genommen hat.
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Bangladesh: Drop False Charges against the Journalist and Peace Activist, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury! An Appeal
"Press in Bangladesh enjoys full and unhindered freedom without any kind of censorship" - so the official homepage of the Bangladesh Embassy in Germany. The persecution case of the Bangladeshi chief editor of two weekly newspapers Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury tells another story.
Choudhury is a Muslim journalist, publisher, author and peace activist, a persistent and outspoken opponent of the radical Islamists and advocate of human and religious rights. He is the only Muslim journalist facing sedition, treason and blasphemy charges for confronting culture of jihad and religious hatred as well as promoting interfaith understanding and establishment of relations between Israel and the Muslim nations. His next trial is on April 15, 2008.
Common methods of torture and abuse in the People's Republic of China
Almost every detainee in China has to, or has had to, suffer abuse or torture. Beatings and kicks, electric shocks, contortion and excessive twisting of limbs, hunger, thirst and sleep deprivation, sexual violence or other cruelties.
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SIDH Suisse: Invitation á l'Élabotation de Manifestations á l'Échelon International Lors de la Cérémonie d'Inaguration des Jeux Olympiques de Pekin

ISHR Switzerland: INVITATION to the Development of events at the International Level During the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

(In French, German and Englisch)

ISHR Australia: Kenya - Nepal Appeal

ISHR Australia has received two heartfelt appeals.
- Kenya: Following the elections in Kenya there was an outbreak of violence. Here are excerpts from emails from Bishop Joseph Kimani of the Evangelical Church at Nakauru, President of the ISHR Kenya. Bishop Kimani was forced to re-locate his needy children's school.
- Nepal: Refugee Camp Fire, March 2008. Nepal has some 104,000 refugees from neighboring Bhutan, who have fled persecution. An appeal to ISHRA Committee member David Aitken from his refugee friend Kiran in Timai camp in Nepal - yet another example of 'ethnic cleansing' - a situation that happens too often in our world.
SIDH France: "Droit de Regard". Publication Mars 2008, Nr. 11

- Droits de l'homme 2008
- Fêter le 60è anniversaire de la Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen  - Droits culturels, oui mais!
- Le Venezuela et les risques de dérives totalitaires
- Droits de l'homme er démocratie dans la CEI
- Le Togo poursuit ses efforts - La SIDH sur le terrain
- Corée du Nord: la fin du cauchemar enfin en vue?
- Un réfugié témoigne?
- Cuba: la fin, enfin?
ISHR Senegal: Activity Report 2007 - SIDH-Sénégal: Rapport 2007

La Section sénégalaise de la Société Internationale pour les Droits de l'Homme (SIDH/Sénégal),  dans le cadre de l'exécution son programme quinquennal, a eu à mener, durant l'année 2007, des activités de promotion des droits de l'Homme avec le soutien financier de la SIDH/ France. Ces activités  sont essentiellement axées sur le séminaire de formation des observateurs pour les élections du 27 février 2007, la caravane de sensibilisation pour un retrait massif des cartes d'électeur,   la mise en place des clubs des droits de l'Homme dans les établissements publics et privés du cycle moyen et secondaire dans les départements de Pikine et de Rufisque et la tenue de conférences publique et privées.
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ISHR Australia Report 2007

The ISHR Australia Report 2007: Work for the Themy Orpanage in Cambodia, the Burma political prisoners assistance and refugee relief (Thai-Burma Border), HRs Advocacy and Education and Development Aid in Afghanistan, Haiti and Bangladesh.
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ISHR Australia Report: Mae Sot - Rocky Mountain Village in Thailand
...After showing me the computer room mentioned above, Sein took me to see the 'hidden' villagers, whose simple thatched huts or platforms are scattered in the fields or hollows, hidden from immediate view. They are ready to scatter into the nearby hills if Rocky Mountain is raided by the Thai Army, as happened early this year. If 'illegals' are captured they can be arrested and sent back over the (Burmese) border, their huts bull-dozed and belongings scattered. Most manage to return and rebuild their flimsy homes but it is a precarious way of living. Yet in a way the villagers feel freer than if they were in a refugee camp..
ISHR-Moldavia: Activity Report 2010
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