Conference: Annual Meeting of the ISHR Section Russia / 40 years ISHR: Protection of Human Rights - the Vital Aim of Democracy




Date / time:  July 14, 2012,  10:00 - 16:00 h
Location:  Moscow, ul. Lublinskaya 151, Russia




ISHR Conference 2012 in Cottbus/Germany: (from left to right) Vladimir Novitski, President of ISHR Section Russia, Dr. Carmen Krusch-Grün, ISHR Section Germany, Anton Alekseev, ISHR Section Ukraine, Dr. Andrei A. Sukhorukov, President of the ISHR Section Ukraine, Dr. Marat Zakhidov, President ISHR Section Uzbekistan, Leila Zakhidova, ISHR Section Uzbekistan, Bela Shikarian, President of the ISHR Section Armenia.
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Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to inform you about our upcoming Conference entitled "40's Anniversary of the International Society for Human Rights: Protection of Human Rights - the Vital Aim of Democracy" which will take place on the 14th of July, 2012 in Moscow.

Participants of the conference will include well-known human rights' activists, political experts, journalists, representatives of the EU and the ISHR Sections Armenia, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Key-subjects of the conference:
- How can the work of human rights' activists become more effective?
- Are there ways of fostering and facilitating the collaboration between the media, the authorities and human rights' activists?

Please confirm your participation and submit your field of interest/your suggestions for key-notes by telephone or via e-mail.

Tel.:    +7-916 6591945,    +7-925 5074733,    +7-911 1398407
e-Mail:   or

Day / time: July 14, 2012,   10:00 - 16:00 h
Registration:  9:30 h

Location: Moscow, ul. Lublinskaya 151
(Delovoi tsentr malogo predprinimatelstva Maryino)

Vladimir Novitski
President of the Russian Section of the ISHR




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