ISHR Human Rights Work in Cuba

The ISHR monitores the human rights situation in Cuba since 1977 and documents in its database files of 304 political prisoners in Cuba. Engagement for the guarantee of fundamental rights and the freedom of detained journalists, human rights activists and other political prisoners, the publication of the Cuba Report, a "Tourism Campaign" in order to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Cuba, the exibition "Fields of Shame" about the human rights violations - this a some examples of our work which sometimes can save lifes of persecuted innocent people.
China: Human Rights Work

China is the human rights violator nr. 1. Ethnic minorities, primarily Tibetans und Uyghurs, are oppressed. Several hundred thousands of people are in arbitrary detention. The death penalty is executed frequently. Since P.R. China started persecuting the Falun Gong meditation movement in 1999, over 1000 victims are known by name which died of torture. Civil rights activists, unionists and state controlled Christian churches are victims of intimidation, repression, arbitrary detention and maltreatment.
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Abolish Stoning and Barbaric Punishment Worldwide!

Stoning, the extremely cruel form of execution, still exists in many states today. According to the United Nations Convention against Torture, stoning is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. Stoning is in gross opposition to international law - nevertheless it is part of national criminal law in many countries worldwide. Even more widespread are birching and amputations. Today the Islamic Republic of Iran's Criminal Code also still includes crucifixion.
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